How & Why Central Banks Are Preparing for the Crash

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After $14.5 Trillion of new central bank QE money and global debt, encouraged by ZIRP (Zero Interest Rate Policy), breaching $255 trillion by the end of this year, central bankers are worried about global risk taking, even though their actions were designed to force savers and investors to take more risk.
From some recent Financial Stability Reports

The gold buying and repatriation trend that began with the “Great Recession of 2007” is speeding up globally but particularly in Eastern Europe.
4. Hungary boosted gold reserves by 1,000% touting the move as a way to improve the security of the nation’s wealth.
5. Romania voted to repatriate gold held at the Bank of England stating “As you keep your jewels at home, you do not keep them at your neighbors”
6. Poland adds to and repatriates gold from the Bank of England and states “The gold symbolizes the strength of the country”
Do you think they might be getting ready to survive when the crisis becomes apparent to all?


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