How to Tackle New Year’s Resolutions (Fireside Chat Ep. 114)

from PragerU

How can you make the most of your New Year’s resolutions? Dennis Prager provides some helpful advice and shares why resolutions are good (hint: they show that you are trying to improve your life in some way)!

0:00 Welcome To Our Weekly Fireside Chat
1:05 A Funny PragerU Christmas Story
3:12 Dennis Is A Big Believer In Resolutions
4:34 #1: What Do You Want To Be?
6:12 #2: You Have To Be Behavioral
8:00 #3: Keep It Simple And Specific
9:34 Example 1: Men Are Great At Rules
10:45 Example 2: Getting In Shape
13:33 Why Did You Pick Otto The Bulldog?
16:49 Conan, The ISIS Raid Dog
18:07 Dennis Responds To Anne Frank Quote
21:02 Thoughts On “Ignorance Is Bliss”
22:43 The Islamic Moral Crisis
25:50 The Question To Ask All Religions
27:42 Raised With No Father Figure
30:20 Why God Is Depicted As A Father
31:21 Happy New Year