Difficulties with Gold? Q&A with Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin

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Question 1. Jan C – What do you think will happen to gas, electric, water, the shipping of food and resources in a financial reset?
Question 2. Brad R: Do you believe that if we soon head into a depression like the 1930’s or worse we will have an “Emergency Banking Relief Act” signed this time also?
Question 3. Alejandro F: Knowing that financial crisis is around the corner, should I buy commercial property in cash since that the dollar may collapse?
Question 4. Greg P: Why would country A allow country B to take physically possession the gold of country A? Seems like a recipe for disaster.
Question 5. Phillip T: Once “they” make the hard switch to digital payment, can you envision any potential difficulty for “us” using our amassed physical gold and silver?


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