Coming Backfire: China’s Family Separation Policy in Xinjiang a Recipe for Islamic Radicalism

by Monica Showalter
American Thinker

The New York Times has a chilling story about wholesale family separations in China’s western Xinjiang province. It begins:

HOTAN, China — The first grader was a good student and beloved by her classmates, but she was inconsolable, and it was no mystery to her teacher why.

“The most heartbreaking thing is that the girl is often slumped over on the table alone and crying,” he wrote on his blog. “When I asked around, I learned that it was because she missed her mother.”

The mother, he noted, had been sent to a detention camp for Muslim ethnic minorities. The girl’s father had passed away, he added. But instead of letting other relatives raise her, the authorities put her in a state-run boarding school — one of hundreds of such facilities that have opened in China’s far western Xinjiang region.

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