Ned Schmidt – When Repos Fail and Chinese Run Out of Dollars (and the Truth About Fake Meat)

from Financial Survival Network

Ned Schmidt returns…

Part 1: Something crazy is hitting the markets. Why can’t Johnny sell repos anymore. Has QE4 already started? Has the Fed lost control? Lot’s of questions and not many answers. But we do know that gold’s quantity is physically limited, while fiat currency knows no such boundaries. The world’s awash in sovereign debt with no end in site: until fiscal sanity again prevails, if ever. Things have been working so well, why change them?

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Part 2: Ned Schmidt, one of the foremost agricultural commodity and stock analysts is extremely skeptical about plant-based burgers. They’ve been around for a long time but only recently has their taste improved. While Ned believes that eventual human demand for grains will put a major damper on beef production, we’re not there yet. Could these fake meats just be another Millennial corporate scam?

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