Mark Skousen – FreedomFest 13: The Best One Yet!

from Financial Survival Network

Mark Skousen is proprietor of Freedom Fest, the largest conference of libertarians in the nation. Hard to believe that this is number 13! The FreedomFest is non-stop. The theme is the Wild West! It’s much more than politics. It’s a renaissance festival with fascinating debates, panels, general session presentations, keynote speeches, breakout sessions, conversation circles, workshops, author book signings, receptions, hospitality suites, special breakfasts & luncheons, the Anthem Film Festival, the Pitch Tank, the FreedomFest Exhibit Hall…that’s just the beginning of the action at FreedomFest.

Kevin O’Leary is the keynote speaker this year. His hardcore capitalistic attitudes will contrast well with other more publicly spirited speakers. With topics on politics, investing, economics, healthy living and healthcare, education and parenting, technology & science, philosophy & history, the arts & literature, government regulation, taxation, social trends and so much more, there’s something for everyone at FreedomFest.

FreedomFest runs from 7/17/19 to 7/20/19. Be there. Register here

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