Ken Ameduri – Mini AOC, Gold and Cryptos

from Financial Survival Network

Kenneth Ameduri of is back… Poor mini-AOC has become the target of the vile left. Her satires of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were hysterical and very cute. How does the virulent left respond? Box doxing her and making death threats against an 8 year old child. How’s that for tolerance. Next, gold has been going like gangbusters. The market participants won’t be comfortable sitting around at $1400 gold. Ken believes we need to see more upside movement to see the market really take off. $1500 gold is a reality before the end of the 2019. Silver is starting to take off now. We hit gold/silver ratio of 93, a rarity to say the least. Silver could catapult forward very shortly. Records are going to be broken. Last of all cryptos are being set up for the next move.

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