Nickel Prices Will Rise Even Without The Electrical Vehicle Revolution | Martin Turenne & Brian Leni

from Mining Stock Education

At the 2018 Mines and Money Toronto conference, Martin Turenne (CEO, FPX Nickel) and Brian Leni (Junior Stock Review) shared why they are both very bullish on nickel as a commodity. This interview is a must-listen for investors wanting to understand the fundamental case for a rising nickel price. Martin and Brian also discuss the investment value proposition of FPX Nickel (TSX-V: FPX) giving investors an introduction to the company.

[…] 0:05 Introduction

0:57 Nickel prices over the last 15 years

2:30 Primary use of nickel

3:44 Nickel prices will rise even without the EV revolution

5:15 Why Brian is bullish on both nickel & FPX Nickel

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