Kenneth Ameduri – The Economy, Cannabis Stocks and Bitcoin

from Financial Survival Network

Kenneth Ameduri of joined us for a discussion about the economy. He like so many are amazed at the power of Trump’s policies and rapid difference they have made in the economy and around the world. He’s still concerned about the debt and over-laden public and private pension plans, and is confident that there will have to be a day of reckoning. But for now, it’s clear skies ahead. The Cannabis industry is taking off and there’s nothing Jeff Sessions can do about, or should for that matter says Ken. It’s hit critical mass and there’s no stopping it. Todays infant companies could be tomorrow’s multi-billion dollar brands, so keep watching the sector for opportunities like the one’s we’ve brought to you in the past. Finally, Bitcoin, will it ever come back. Neither Ken or myself were at all surprised by the crypto-crash. In an industry where 80 percent of the ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) were pure fraud, who can be surprised. But at some point they’ll come back and another Crypto will unseat Bitcoin.

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