Michael Harrison – Changing Mediascape Means Opportunity For Podcasters (#31)

from Viral Podcasting

Michael Harrison, owner of Talkers Magazine and Talkers.com joined us. Michael has been watching out for internet radio since before the advent of the RSS Feed. The moment someone got the bright idea of hooking up a pair of speakers to a computer, Michael knew what was coming. The idea of so-called nonprofessionals doing a radio show was something he welcomed. Now, traditional 20th century media is slowly eroding and making way for a more democratized media marketplace. All you have to do to join is have a modicum of talent and a willingness to work your butt off to get noticed and build an audience. Perhaps anyone can do it, but not everyone is willing to invest the time and frustration into it. It could be years before you realize a monetary profit. But somehow, against all the risks, it’s worth it! That’s why we do what we do. Michael also believes that 21st century media is part of humanity’s evolution. As our media outlets evolve, so too do we as individuals. In a few short years, the Internet will be the major source of all media distributed world wide. Think how things will look then.

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