A.J. Wilcox – Monetize with LinkedIn (#24)

from Viral Podcasting

A.J. Wilcox joined us for a discussion of social media promotion with an emphasis on LinkedIn! Most people considering using paid advertising to promote their brand do not think of LinkedIn. It’s much costlier than Facebook or Google. However, if you have a high dollar, high margin product or service that is geared primarily towards the B2B market, it might be the right fit. LinkedIn gives you the ability to more narrowly target your potential audience better than any other platform out there. You can target CEO’s, CFO’s, sales managers, etc. And you can also target specific industries. Therefore, knowing your potential customer is essential. You can also test your campaigns to develop a winning message. Once you’ve mastered the message, you’re ready to go big time with LinkedIn. It’s certainly not for everyone, but if you’ve got the right product/service and can afford a higher budget, the results can really boost your brand and your show.

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