Trumps Puts Another Nail in the MSM Coffin with NFL’s Help

by Kerry Lutz
Financial Survival Network

We all know that President Trump is a buffoon, has low intelligence and is incapable of any strategic thought or planning. The media and the democratic party has beaten him at every turn. The White House’s prior occupant laid out a carefully placed minefield, which has blown up on various Trump personnel and family members. And yet, Trump won the presidency with something carefully resembling an ingenious strategy, which saw him winning in Blue states, formerly believed to be unwinnable by a republican.

There must be something more at play here than meets the eye. Perhaps the President has a lot more going for him than is widely believed. Were this not the case, we’d now be saying President Hillary Clinton. The current NFL brouhaha is a textbook example. There’s no disputing that the dying mainstream media is Trump’s sworn enemy. Therefore, it seems reasonable that Trump will go to any extent necessary to vanquish this foe. Tweeting at daybreak, when most reporters are starting to come to grips with the day’s hangover, or trolling them with deliberate minor factual misstatements, which throws them into a frenzy, he never lets up. Trump is this war’s aggressor and he’s totally gotten into their decision loop.

Fast forward to sports now being an accepted avenue of social protest/justice. A perfect venue for the nation’s CEO to insert himself and to watch the ensuing carnage spew forth. It’s safe to say that Trump’s base and many other Americans are sickened by this turn of events. Be it watching ESPN commentators accuse the President of white supremacy or being forced to endure multi-millionaire football players disrespect their flag/country by kneeling during the national anthem, most average Americans have had it! Sports used to be the one place we could turn to to avoid any reference to politics. But now ESPN has turned into MSNBC with even less gifted commentators.

It’s no secret that the news media are just a small cog in the media conglomerates’ wheel. They’re the ones that also bring you football, virtually every day of the week. For these entities, sports programming is a major cash cow. And what’s happening to this revenue spigot? It’s carefully and deliberately being choked off as a result Trump’s carefully thought out media counterstrike. He’s legitimately incensed by these entitled overgrown adolescents who disrespect the very country that’s done so much for them. But he’s also seized upon an opportunity that he’d be a fool to overlook.He’s called out his base to boycott the NFL. By driving down viewership, he’s hitting the media empires in their wallets. Every lost viewer directly impacts the networks’ bottom line. Drive down the viewership enough and the NFL media contract becomes a major cash drain. And a major threat to their continued existence.

Signs of this are abundant. For the first three weeks of this season, viewership is down over 10 percent. This represents millions in lost ad revenue. The media has boxed themselves into a corner and they don’t even realize it. Wait till game 7 when they’re down 25 percent. Odds are they’ll cry uncle before long and attempt to make their peace with Trump.

The NFL and the MSM should very quickly rethink their strategy. Or, Trump will do to them what Obama did to the coal industry. Just watch.