Get a Coach, Get a Life! (#14)

from Viral Podcasting

Very few successful people in life have done it all on their own. Talk with anyone at the top of their profession and the odds are they’ve had a number of mentors or coaches along the way. A good coach is often hard to find, but you’ll no doubt be rewarded for your efforts. But make sure you listen to your coach. You don’t have to agree with everything they say, but if you’ve got the right person, they won’t tell you to do something unless they absolutely know it works. It’s really that simple. For someone who’s succeeded in their profession, the idea of mentoring or coaching someone is one of the best experiences they’ll have. One thing that students often don’t understand is that the coach will learn as much or more than the student. It forces the coach to look objectively at the things they’ve done in life and to obtain a better understanding of how things work. Finding a podcast or media coach can be difficult. There’s just not that many people around who actually know how to create successful shows and podcasts. Valerie Geller is the person I go to. I also coach on a limited basis by application only. Email me and let’s see where it goes.

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