Max Porterfield – Callinex is on Its Way!

from Financial Survival Network

We spoke with Max Porterfield at the Metals Investing Forum in Vancouver, BC. Much has been happening since we last spoke. Callinex is unique among the junior mining sector. It has been around since 1927 – ninety years. The company has been recapitalized and is now well situated to take advantage of a booming zinc sector. There’s just 29 days of above ground supply, which means that supply issues could come into play. Since it’s mostly a by-product of other mines, sufficient attention has been paid to expanding output. The price has recently risen to $1.16 per pound and could be going much higher, perhaps as high as $2.00 per pound. Which makes Callinex’s portfolio of proven projects that much more valuable. Combined with a seasoned battle-tested management group, it looks like Callinex has found its way.

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