Making Your Show Go Viral (#7)

from Viral Podcasting

How to make your show go viral. First, you need to determine your show’s format. In podcasting there are no courses to really show you how to create a successful show format. Now, it’s starting to catch on and there are podcasting courses in school. There are many formats, including: interview, monologue, commentary, hybrid and many more. Of course as previously stated, you need to pick the right name. Trademark your name as soon as you can. My show’s name wasn’t be best. I looked for great guests. Interviewing techniques will help you make your guest look good. Find guests who have broad followings and may have their own podcast. Everyone running a blog or website is always looking for content for their site, especially high quality interviews of themselves. Make them look good, but don’t be a pushover. Don’t interrupt, be a good listener, treat them with respect and deference. Send them a link of the finished interview, send them a tweet to retweet. Use Facebook. Guest posts on other’s sites and getting your post up on popular sites are very effective. Post to 3rd party websites that aggregate content are another very effective means of promoting your show. Some aggregators have huge followings, so seek them out and take great advantage where possible.

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