Eddie Ghabour – Trump’s Tax Proposal: Just What the Doctor Ordered?

from Financial Survival Network

Eddie Ghabour is a bull and Trump’s Tax reform proposal has made him even more so. There’s a lot of great things contained therein: 1. Reducing corp tax rate to 15% will be a huge windfall that will get reinvested into the economy. 2. What is not talked about enough that I feel has a huge impact is the corp tax rate affects the small business in America that are pass throughs. This is huge for the small business owner. 3. Simplifying the code to 3 brackets makes a lot of sense. It’s too complicated as it stands now. 4. Doing away with AMT is another windfall that is well overdue. 5. In summary this is a pro growth tax plan that is a big change from where we stand that has the potential for big positive results. 6. If this passes I believe the bull market is here to stay for the foreseeable future. But will Congress pass it in some form?

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