To Script or Not to Script (#6)

from Viral Podcasting

Should you write a script for your podcast or just wing it. It depends upon you. If you’re a subject matter expert and can talk without notes about your topic, then by all means go ahead and don’t use one. If not, at least come up with bullit points for your commentary or discussion. When interviewing a guest, often times your guest will ask for a copy of the questions up front. We do this on the show, however with the proviso that we will not be bound by the questions. There’s nothing worse and more boring than a canned interview. If you choose to go this route listen to your finished product and see how it sounds? Does it sound canned and pre-planned? You’ll know. The answer to these questions will determine your best practices. I always shoot for excellence, however, it’s a moving target. Therefore, I’m willing to settle for doing the best job I can. Sometimes, I will write the show notes to an interview before I actually do the interview. This has the effect of focusing the interview and it allows me to visualize the finished performance. Generally these interviews are among my best. The key is to develop techniques that work for you and that allow you to find your comfort zone.

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