Time to Start Air Checking (#5)

from Viral Podcasting

Air checking is vital to every podcaster, but the odds are you don’t even know what it is. Simply stated, you sit down with your producer or other respected party and critically review a recent episode you’ve done. You cover the good, the bad and the ugly. It’s best done in a non-judgmental, constructive manner. The goal is to improve your game, not to crush you. When I sit down with Valerie, we check my use of imagery, how am I using the word “you” to connect with the audience, am I using radio speak, which in today’s world is a major no-no. How could I have better done that intro? Air checking plants those seeds in your mind. I never consciously implement Valerie’s suggestions, however, they seem to grab hold unconsciously and blossom. Before I know it, my shows have transformed to another level and my analytics and downloads start going up. That’s what Viral Podcasting is all about!

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