The Weekly Perspective – April 28th, 2017

from The Morgan Report

David Morgan‘s Weekly Perspective… Back in the news, is it time to break up the “Too Big To Fail Banks?” Looking back at Glass-Steagall act from the 1930’s it seperated investment banking from commercial banking, which worked well for many decades. US economy hardly expanded in the 1st Quarter of 2017. Growth has come to a stop. .2%, don’t believe the mainstream press. Global cashless economy is coming. 20 percent don’t use cash. One third would like to dump it. Those who use cash most are those who would like to get rid of it. California farm land is dropping. Overvaluation is rampant in the state. Check out Charles Hughes Smith’s latest article. Are we really that divided? Maybe language is dividing us. Let’s make America Great Again! It’s all about integrity. We were all people of our word. Look how we’ve fallen. Gold market has topped, as has silver. Reuters says that fear of regulation is causing big fluctuations in London’s Bullion Market Silver Benchmark. Multi-billion dollar per day trade. Not bad for a market that only produces a fraction of that annually.

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