Junior Miners: Gold and Silver Are Ready To Rumble

by David Kranzler
Investment Research Dynamics

Massive one-shot selling of non-physical gold on Tuesday, October 4th, appeared to be typical of gold-price-depressing market interventions seen repeatedly in recent years. Those interventions have been orchestrated regularly by central banks…Post-election, the Fed likely will face economic and liquidity circumstance more conducive to expanded quantitative easing, than to meaningful rate hikes. Reverting now to obvious market manipulation of the price of gold could be a leading indicator of pending central-bank policy otherwise shifting towards intensified U.S. dollar debasement. – John Williams, Shadowstats.com

The Fed was overtly aggressive in its attack on gold and silver during the past few weeks. As John Williams observes in the quote above, it’s probable that the Fed has made every effort to suppress the price of gold ahead of the implementation of more QE in some form (dollar debasement).

Several analysts have been offering up theories with regard to the performance of gold based on the winner of the presidential election. But the truth is, gold and silver will do well for the foreseeable future regardless of which candidate wins. Perhaps this chart created by Twitter @thingtankcharts, with my edits, will explain my view:

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