Faculty from 14 Pennsylvania Universities Go on Strike

from Boom Bust

Chinese grew at 6.7% percent this last quarter, but the country’s debt levels rose along with it. Plus, Saudi Arabia is reportedly preparing a $17 billion bond sale as its budget strains under the low cost of oil. Edward Harrison has the details. Then, Chris Versace, CIO of Tematica Research and author of “Cocktail Investing,” tells Ameera David how the U.S. restaurant industry is doing, and what that means for the broader American economy.

After the break, Bianca Facchinei takes a look at the faculty strike hitting 14 state-funded universities in Pennsylvania. Ameera then wraps up Boom Bust’s BRICS 2016 coverage with the final portion of her interview with Yaduvendra Mathur, head of India’s Export Import Bank. And finally, in The Big Deal, Manuel Rapalo examines Hillary Clinton’s and Donald Trump’s plans (or lack thereof) to tackle poverty in America.

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