Will There Be Enough?

by Tim Smith
Daily Pfennig

With the global population expanding beyond 7 billion people,1 economists, statisticians, demographists, philosophers, and politicians have tried to resolve questions about whether or not there will be enough resources for a growing populace, and how to provide the required food, water, or land necessary to support human survival. Industry leaders have also grappled with these types of questions, albeit on a lesser scale, as to whether there will be sufficient access to raw materials needed to sustain economic growth.

Concern over whether the world will have enough resources or raw materials to support an ever-increasing global population is by no means a new concept. Charlton Heston’s character warned us about the eventual risks of burgeoning over-populations, depleting global resources, and widespread poverty in the 1973 science fiction cult classic, Soylent Green, foretelling of a society sustained by consuming highly nutritious green wafers for sustenance – unsuspectingly made from the processing of human remains.

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