Why Gold Isn’t $2,000/oz: The Propaganda Machine Speaks

by Jeff Nielson
Bullion Bulls Canada

Rebutting the anti-gold propaganda of the mainstream media can be an exhausting process. We see mound after mound of pseudo-analysis claiming that gold should be priced at $1,200/oz (USD), $1,000/oz, or even more ludicrous numbers to the down side. Countering such babble is a two-stage process. First we must address all of the silly arguments which are presented. Then we must construct a separate, additional argument, explaining how/why the price of gold should be at much higher price levels than the inane figures which appear in the mainstream media.

Much less common are the opportunities to address the propaganda in terms such as these:

Why Is Gold Not At $2,000/oz – Macquarie

Here we have a Big Bank supplying the anti-gold propaganda, published by the notorious gold-bashers at Kitco. But now the argument is framed (more or less) in rational terms. Why is gold not at/above $2,000?

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