Unprecedented: USD to Crash, Gold to Rise, Central Banks Buying Stocks – Don Durrett Interview

from CrushTheStreet

Gold & Silver Prices to Skyrocket in 2016, Our Top Investment Idea:

In this interview Don goes all out on hammering through the worlds current economic problems and just how upside down everything is with world central banks buying stocks. He makes some interesting predictions toward the end like gold’s potential to shoot up when it reaches $1,450, the US dollar to begin to to fall THIS YEAR, and the FED to not raise rates in Sep but more likely at the end of the year.

01:30 Gold’s Significant Support Level at $1,310
03:30 Gold to new All-time High after $1,450 Breaks
05:30 September as Best performing month in gold
07:15 Economy is Crumbling: Don notes various stats
11:40 S&P 500 Looking like a Bubble: Setting up for Pop
14:10 Government Overwhelming Debt, Low Interest Rates
15:40 Central Banks of the World Buying Stocks
17:45 US Is Dying as a Country: Economic Politics
20:30 Currencies vs Gold
24:10 Final Thoughts: Oil Surplus = Price Stall
25:20 BREXIT, Italy to Vote on Exit
26:45 Interest Rate Trape: NIRP highly destructive
27:50 No Rate Hike in Sept, maybe later, Dollar to fall

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