Thom Calandra: Three Outstanding Companies to Invest in Right Now

from Palisade Radio

lass=”” >Thom Calandra has learned with age that trying to predict where the world economy will go is often very difficult. The purchasing power of gold and real estate against paper currencies is a possible indicator. There is a compression of paper currency everywhere, and it’s difficult to see where the US dollar is going when it’s only trading against other paper. His ultimate insurance is to have plenty of metal stashed away.

Thom shares information about 3 exciting commodity companies. The first owns properties with uranium, copper, and diamonds (which they have been farming out and partnering with De Beers on). They’ve been one of the best performers out there, and have a massive amount of properties and partners. Despite uranium’s challenges, their stocks have been defying gravity.

The second is a small well-run company which Thom has been involved with for 5+ years. In that time their stock has held up better than almost any other gold stock in the world . Recently, they got ministry approval for one of their gold mines, and plan to produce in the next 6-9 months. When the market realizes there is going to be a first pour, the stocks will really start to perform.

When doing a country play, go for the company that has the most real concessions. Thom has been invested with the third company for 9 years. They own more mineral concessions with licenses than any other company in Ghana. A few years ago he saw their shares go from 10 cents to almost $2.5. Their 5th target should see results any day, and may go ballistically off the charts.