Still Report #1190 – Trump Leads in Colorado

from Bill Still

lass=”” >13:22 – Sept. 14, 2016
Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on polls.
According to the Denver Post – hardly a pro-Trump rag – Trump now leads Clinton by two points in this important swing state that just a couple of weeks ago was considered out of reach.
“The latest polls show the Republican closing the gap with Hillary Clinton in a state where Democrats felt so confident that they diverted millions in television advertising to other battlegrounds.”
.The Reuters/Ipsos survey just released shows Trump leading Clinton in a 2-way race, 43 to 41 – his first lead in Colorado in 2016.
In the UPI daily tracking poll – which, incidentally, they don’t bother to release every day – Trump now leads Clinton by 3.2% – 48.9 to 45.7.
This UPI poll is a rolling weekly average, so the full force of Trump’s support won’t be felt for another week.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.