Speaking with Greg Crowe of Silver One Resources

by Turd Ferguson
TF Metals Report

Earlier today, I had the opportunity to speak with Greg Crowe, the CEO of a new company called Silver One Resources. Given that Silver One recently acquired some projects from the portfolio of First Mining Finance, this podcast is a must listen for anyone interested in speculative stories within the mining sector.

Silver One actually just came into being last month with the purchase of three projects from First Mining Finance. Here’s the press release from August 22 that describes the acquisitions: http://silverone.com/_resources/news-releases/Silver-One-Aug-22-2016.pdf Here’s the press release from First Mining Finance that came out the same day: https://www.firstminingfinance.com/news-room/first-mining-finance-enters-into-sales-agreement-with-brs-ventures-for-three-mexican-silver-assets

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