Pre-Collapse is More Dangerous than Actual Collapse – Warren Pollock with Greg Hunter

Warren Pollock – US Twilight Zone of Pre-Collapse Just like Rome

by Greg Hunter
USA Watchdog

Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock says danger for all Americans is here right now. Pollock explains, “Where we are is more important than where we will be because right now, we are in sort of a Twilight Zone of transition between stability and instability. I think this is a dangerous time, and for some, it will be more dangerous than the actual collapse. . . . The entire system we live in today is one large racketeering engine, and we really have to understand that for us to negotiate around this looting that is going to occur. You cannot eliminate all the looting from your life, but you can go around it to a certain degree. For example, you might need a pair of eyeglasses and spend several hundred dollars when someone in China can make eyeglasses for $5 or $10 of the same or better quality. . . . There is no competition in the United States. There is no free election. There is no free market. There is not capitalism. All of these things that you believe to be in place right now are lies. . . . It’s procedural racketeering. It is the veneer of a functioning economy or a functional system. This sort of procedural racketeering is also procedural control and procedural information gathering. It is dystopia of epic proportions.”

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