No it Won't, and No it Shouldn't

by Karl Denninger

You’re flat-out insane, Tim.

WASHINGTON – Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine is predicting that the Roman Catholic Church may eventually change its opposition to gay marriage.

Kaine is a Roman Catholic as well as a U.S. senator from Virginia and a former governor of that state. He told the Human Rights Campaign during its national dinner Saturday in Washington that he had changed his mind about gay marriage and that his church may follow suit one day.

“I think it’s going to change because my church also teaches me about a creator who, in the first chapter of Genesis, surveyed the entire world, including mankind, and said, ‘It is very good,'” Kaine said. He then recalled Pope Francis’ remark that “who am I to judge?” in reference to gay priests.

No it won’t, and no it shouldn’t.

Indeed, if it does then the Catholic Church will cease to exist at that instant in time and will become something else — and that, my friends, is exactly what Tim Kaine and many others want.

You can disagree with Catholic theology all you’d like. There are some 5,000 religious paths available to you today, and if you don’t like any of those you can go create your own and the government is required to leave you alone. So says the US Constitution.

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