Mike Gazzola – Three Phases of Starting an Amazon Business (Episode #13)

from Financial Survival Network

Status Report as of: September 22, 2016

Date business started: January 27, 2016
Total sales to date: $387,329
Total units to date: 10720
Yesterday’s sales: $4274
30 day sales: $107,763
30 day unit sales: 2925
Current Number of Products: 7
Current Number of Listings: 11

The three phases of starting an Amazon Business. Phase 1, launch your product and get 10 reviews and 10 sales per day. You’ll be giving away products to get reviews and to bring you to the first page. Phase 2 you start tweaking your listing and adjust your key words. Try some different key words. You don’t to throw money at it. Phase 3 means you’ve arrived. Your product is selling pretty well on its own and you’re getting lots of sales. Now you’ve arrived and it’s time to introduce the next product. It’s that easy!

Just go to AmazonSecrets.Net to get started now!

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