Let’s Discuss a Forced CAexit

by Karl Denninger

What do you do to a parasite?

You kill it.

Well, how about this?

California’s last nuclear power plant will close by 2025 under an accord announced Tuesday, ending three decades of safety debates that helped fuel the national anti-nuclear power movement.

The state’s largest utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., and environmental groups reached an agreement to replace production at Diablo Canyon nuclear plant with solar power and other energy sources that do not produce climate-changing greenhouse gases.

There is no such source that (1) is available all the time and (2) can and will actually replace said energy source.

In point of fact California isn’t and hasn’t been either net electricity neutral or a net producer for a very long time. Enron was, to a large degree, all about trying to manipulate California wholesale energy prices — for power sold by other state’s producers.

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