I Don’t Debate Enemies, I Bury Them

from Thunderf00t

lass=”” >So many things I could make videos about, but what do you think?

Professor Moriarty has been begging for attention for almost 5 months now. Should I give it to him?

Feministfrequency has a video up about how there are no fat women in video games….. pathetic and cringe worthy stuff, but is it worth a reply?

Debunking more pseudoscience…. and god is there a lot of this to do. Free energy from walking… free energy from cycling…. turning smog into diamonds, salt water powered cars…. the list goes on and on…..

…or maybe a compendium of just how many feminist men have turned out to be sexual predators? Its a stunning number, to the point where one should ask….. ‘to avoid sexual harassment isnt my best bet to not hang around with feminists?’

Or of course some good hard core science stuff?

So many options…. please let me know what you think!

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