Hillary vs Donald: So Who Won?

from Zero Hedge

The question everyone is asking this morning is who won the debate. The answer is: it depends who you ask.

To be sure, conservative website Drudge Report had Trump a blow out winner with over 82% of the nearly 500,000 votes cast, which however can probably be explained by the self-fulfilling ideology of most of the site’s visitors.

Alternatively, the left-leaning CNN, conducted a snap poll, which gave Clinton the win with 62% to Trump’s 27%. It was the biggest, and fastest, exercise conducted by an opinion polling firm. The poll of 521 registered voters who watched the debate was a sample which the network warned leaned more Democratic than the average – starting the night with Clinton ahead 26 per cent among the sample. While CNN handed the victory overwhelmingly to Clinton, it was more mixed on whether the debate will make a difference, with 47 per cent saying it would not affect their vote, 34 per cent saying it moved them towards Clinton, and 18% towards Trump.

More surprising was a poll by CNBC, where of the 748,000 votes cast as of this morning, Trump had collected nearly two-thirds of the votes, although Trump’s outperformance here may be explained by the fact that this, too, was linked off the Drudge main page, the same as a Time poll.

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