Everyone Thinks They Are Middle Class

The false perceptions many Americans hold.

from My Budget 360

We have a deeply held belief in America that if you work hard enough, anything is achievable. This is something built into the core of our nation. If you go back to the Great Depression, while other countries were overturning systems and shifting deeply held ideology, Americans held steady and went out and voted. The system remained with tweaks. Today, the idea of the middle class that emerged after World War II is still held very deeply. Yet there is a clear definition for middle class if we simply look at data. But people think they are middle class if they make $22k or $200k. The median household income in the U.S. is $56,000. That is the middle. Let us look at the figures here.

Middle class perceptions

The media has a distorted perception of what the middle class is. There have been politicians saying that $200k is middle class. That is absolutely not the case. And the media also makes it a point to rarely talk about income because they have started to wise up. Many people don’t make that much. Bring that to their attention and they may not buy all the products you are pitching.

Take a look at the income distribution in the U.S.:

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