Duck and Run – The Robot Doth Blather

by David Stockman
David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Listening to Janet Yellen splitting hairs and blathering in circles about the state of the economy yesterday was enough to put you in mind of a paint-by-the-numbers robot built in the labs at MIT and programed by its Keynesian economics department. After all, the latter has also inflicted on the world Paul Samuelson, Stanley Fischer, and his infamous student, Ben Bernanke.

So why not a four-fer?

There is only one question that Yellen needs to answer and then all else is readily explained. To wit, does she actually believe that the money market rate——as formerly measured by Fed funds before Bernanke nationalized the interbank market in September 2008——is a wholly owned property of the FOMC?

Or does the overnight rate possibly have some measure of significance as a “price” in the financial system? And one that, in fact, is linked to the rest of the so-called yield curve, and from there to converts, equities, options/derivatives and the whole of the price discovery process in the money and capital markets.

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