Cold War Heats Back Up

by Turd Ferguson
TF Metals Report

After the optimism of a cease fire in Syria last week, this week’s Batchelor-Cohen update is back to full Cold War mode after the US struck Syrian army positions over the weekend and an aid convoy was also attacked by unknown forces. This mess only seems to worsen by the week, which is why you need to listen to these updates every week, as well.

Besides the usual, comprehensive situation update, be sure to catch two other noteworthy items:

  • In the first segment, Professor Cohen mentions a NYT editorial that made my jaw drop. Can’t find a link so you’ll just have to listen.
  • In the third segment, Professor Cohen describes how Russian “elections” work. Fascinating stuff about which I had no idea.

Again, these updates consistently present a fair and balanced discussion of The New Cold War. You should be sure to listen each and every week.

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