Bob Hoye & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – Sept. 6, 2016

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

Bob Hoye, senior investment strategist of Institutional Advisors returns with comments on the financial markets. He’s monitoring the gold to silver ratio closely, noting the predictive powers, similar to a credit spread or yield curve. Our guest says every investment portfolio must include gold / silver assets; the perfect insurance against global money printing. According to a Labor Department Report, the US jobs included 100,000 fewer than anticipated, implying that Fed policymakers have less wiggle room to raise rates. The Fed remains the only hold out among the central banking trifecta to keep rates above zero, i.e., the BOJ, ECB. According to John Williams latest figures at, the true national unemployment rate is approaching 25%, the worst since the Great Depression, a bit higher than the official 4.9% figure.

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