World Gone Away

by Hardscrabble Farmer
The Burning Platform

I spent the better part of the past week in a neighbor’s kitchen. They are, like us, a couple from New Jersey who decided to pick up and relocate to the Lakes region of New Hampshire for the weather. I joke, of course. The weather had little to do with their decision, but you could say that it was the climate that attracted them. They are older than me by a generation and where my wife and I are still working on the finer aspects of parenting, this couple has moved into the Grand-parenting stage of life with an ease that I admire.

Their five year old Grandson has been spending a chunk of his vacation being shuttled from day camp to boat rides, swimming classes and art studios by his doting elders while I helped them to open up their kitchen to the beautiful view of the Ragged Mountains in the distance.

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