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If a financial collapse is a credible risk, how will it impact your personal wealth and well-being? Will we see bank failures, currency failures, debt explosion, deflation or hyperinflation, pension plan insolvency, Social Security default, bail-ins, and seizure of accounts? How about seizure of gold & silver, nationalization of mines, government takeover of industries & stock?

Regardless of the global forces in play and the powers that be, when it all comes down, where will it hit the ordinary person? Co-Founder of WallStForMainSt Jason Burack returns to Reluctant Preppers for a rapid-fire rundown of how this all unwinds, and what you need to do to protect what is yours. Share this one while there’s still time!


How has economic pre-collapse already been hitting home on Main Street? Loss of high-paying full-time jobs, despite government statistics claiming that retail and restaurants are where jobs are being created High-flying stock valuations Loss of purchasing power: Everyday items people need to survive: health care, food, education are going up – not down Loss of Retirement Lifetime: Back-to-Work retirees: Tougher to find safe, secure spot for retirement investments – negative interest rates! People having to invest in junk bond funds and take on extreme risk to chase returns Erosion of value of savings through inflation Global economies are in the Twilight Zone – should have died, but are being sustained beyond all natural laws Currencies broken Corruption in politicians & markets prevent true investment

Current Political Race & Global Economic System Trump’s actual popularity is being denied by mainstream media to unprecedented levels. Hillary Clinton is among the ranks of the most corrupt politicians in US history. Untrustworthy and has no knowledge of sound economics. Media biased, poll rigging, election rigging, portend a Hillary squeak-out “victory” Seeing mix of 1920’s & 1970’s stagflation, plus race/gender warfare of 1960’s/1970’s. Watch: Clinton Cash documentary.

Coming Up Next: You are Walking Through a Minefields the Bankers have Set up for You We are getting to the absolute perversions signaled by the Ben Bernanke helicopter money speech Swiss Bank owns $60Trillion of US stock market Have been over $30Trillion in currency swaps to prevent banks * OTC derivatives markets from failing The purchasing power of your money in the bank is at risk. Tough to save, tough to retire, if you’re doing it in dollars or ordinary investments (stock, bonds) Even keeping cash in the bank will cost you Should open up a Gold Money Account (Sprott, Turk, Shiff) You MUST Diversify outside the financial system. Even rental real estate ownership can be manipulated by the government. Markets are manipulated up & down – you cannot trust them. Next system: China’s currency (the RMB) going into the SDR: less people needing to hold dollars Global economic reset IS coming – might be 6 month or 5 years but it IS coming. Government MUCH more likely to require a percentage of IRAs in 50-year government bonds, taxes on savings. Incremental increases on taxes, milking you slowly, to prevent the pitchforks from coming out as they almost did in 2008. What should each generation be doing now? Recognize that overall economy can get much worse You MUST get non-employee income streams New grads just starting out their careers: “Choose yourself”: add practical skills, Add side businesses to expand or transfer to later Families: join together to reduce expenses Start businesses Retirees: Physical gold & silver with diversified storage Gold & Silver stocks in the future Diversify internationally, since mines can be nationalized Billionaires are going to gold & silver: some miners can go up 5x-10x, large dividends can be paid out in physics gold & silver. Income hard to find: rental properties need local market job growth. KEEP LEARNING MORE, CHALLENGING YOURSELF. RULE #1: THE POLITICIANS ARE GOING TO CHANGE THE RULES!

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