Venezuela Destroys Thousands of Guns: “Renewal Of Efforts To Disarm” Hungry, Angry Population

by Mac Slavo

Conditions have already been set for society to come unglued.

The rioting, looting, poaching and running to the border for food supplies that has already taken place demonstrates a people who are already stressed to the breaking point. The impact on individual health, and the instability surrounding everyday activities has already shown through, and things are only getting worse.

So, too, has the police state. Socialist President Maduro has many opponents who wish to see his ouster. The nation’s thin dependence on high oil prices has made their economy easy to hack. Unfortunately, the people are paying the price. Maduro must use a strong arm and an iron fist in order to cling to power, just like every other dictator – communist, fascist, socialist or otherwise.

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