This is the First and Last Time You’ll Hear About Electoral Voting Cycles from Old Muck

Muck’s Minute #32

by MuckAbout
The Burning Platform

This voting season would not be complete (or maybe better!) without Ol’ Muck’s nickel tossed into the ring. So hold your noses, get a barf bag handy, a shot of Old Crock over ice on the end table next to you and here we go.

One must remember that the elections this November are not JUST about the President although to hear the media that’s the only thing that matters.. Wrong-oh! Don’t forget the Supervisor of Elections, Sheriff, Tax Collector, State Legislature Senate and Representatives, Clerk of the Circuit Court, Country Commission Seats, School Board Members Circuit and District State Judges (who can do an untold amount of local damage if they care too!) and all the dozens of smaller worker bees hopping to hop upon the State or Federal gravy train.

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