The Current Gold and Silver Price Downtrend Will Prove to be Just a Temporary Lull in a Continuing Uptrend (Part 2)

by JS Kim

On 14 July 2016, after we purchased many gold and silver stocks in early June to add to very solid positions in physical PMs we’ve established since 2007, I sent this bulletin to our Platinum Members: “We may receive some weakness in the share prices of many of the stocks we hold now as they have increased quite strongly in a fairly short period of time, but we will continue to hold them unless stronger evidence arises in the immediate future that the support levels above for gold and silver prices may not hold.” Indeed from 15 July to 26 July, many gold and silver stocks pulled back in price to a fair degree.

On 26 July 2016, after the HUI Gold Bugs Index had pulled back by 9.4%, silver had pulled back 8.8%, and gold had pulled back 4.7% in a month’s time, there was chatter, as always, of a much greater possible continuing fall in gold and silver prices.

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