Still Report #1153 – Austria’s Hoffer – 6 Point Lead in Prez Race

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good morning, I’m still reporting on the upcoming Austrian presidential election.
Austria’s open-carry presidential candidate, Norbert Hoffer is pulling away from his re-vote rival, Green Party Alexander Van der Bellen. Hoffer now leads Van der Bellin by a 53 to 47% margin according to the latest Gallup survey.
The Oct. 2nd re-vote was ordered by Austria’s Constitutional Court after a July election tainted by 78,000 mishandled absentee ballots. Hoffer’s Freedom Party now has a good chance to install the first right-wing head of state in western Europe since World War 2.
The Freedom Party has allied itself with presumptive presidential candidate Marine Le Pen in France, and the German Alternative for Germany party in urging the European Union not to admit Turkey, because that would throw open the doors to a new wave of unvett-able immigration.
A Hoffer victory in Austria would be an encouragement for anti-immigrant invasion political parties across Europe. Both Austria and Hungary have now blocked the migrant invasion.
Hoffer originally supported a Brexit-like vote for Austria, but has now softened his position, saying that would occur only if either Turkey is allowed to join the EU, or EU bureaucrats in Brussels snatch more power away from Austria.
Hoffer now supports a “union within the union” concept together with Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Hungary.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.