Still Report #1147 – Spy Earpiece Gets Even Smaller

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good evening, I’m still reporting on technology.
An old friend of mine called me and complained about my report #1139 about the invisible spy earpieces that may be used in the upcoming presidential debates.
His complaint was on a technical basis questioning if the device would have enough power to reach an amplifier and also that it was not really small enough to be invisible.
My response was that this was just the technology in the public arena and that cutting edge military technology is 25 to 40 ahead on just about everything.
Well, yesterday, another tech-savvy friend sent me this – the Mini Nano Invisible Micro Bug.

It’s smaller than a grain of rice – about 3 mm in diameter – and is meant to go all the way down the ear canal and rest against the eardrum. It is said to be the smallest wireless receiver in the world. Talk about invisible!!
So how does it overcome the power problem? Well, it is unpowered. It is simply a receiver that depends on induction. It is powered without a direct connection by an inductive look that is worn around the neck. The inductive loop is powered by two standard 9v batteries, and connected into your cell phone’s earphone jack.
You drop the Nano into your ear while you are lying on your side. Some suggest you apply a thin coat of olive oil on it so it will lightly adhere to the eardrum.

You conceal the control box and the batteries inside your clothing. There is a signal button that allows you to communicate in Morse code, but the control box also has a high-gain microphone.
The control box has an onboard Bluetooth connection with the Nano inside your ear.
So how do you get the thing back out of your ear. It comes with a small magnetic probe.
Of course cutting-edge technology like this must be very expensive?
Well, how about $6.99 with Free Shipping.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.