Still Report #1146 – CNN’s Dr. Drew Fired After Concern About Clinton

from Bill Still

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on politics.
A week ago, CNN’s Dr. Drew Pinsky expressed “grave concern” about Hillary Clinton’s health on KABC radio – the ABC affiliate in Los Angeles.
It seems CNN is rather sensitive – perhaps desperate – about any implications that Clinton’s health is anything but perfect.
Dr. Drew had combed through Clinton’s publicly-available medical records and discovered that when she fainted and fell in late 2012, she suffered a:
“…transverse sinus thrombosis, [an] exceedingly rare clot [than] virtually guarantees somebody has something wrong with their coagulation system.
“What’s wrong with her coagulation system, has that been evaluated,” asked Dr. Drew.
Drew went on to explain that it was a sign of brain damage when Clinton had to wear those prism glasses while testifying before a Congressional committee about the Benghazi attack.
The interview went viral and immediately thereafter was removed from KABC’s webpage.
“To attempt to diagnose an individual without examining them personally … can lead to speculation regarding the individual that could be far from the truth,” said Dr. Robert Wergin, chair of the American Academy of Family Physicians according to the webpage “
Yesterday CNN executive vice president Ken Jautz announced that after a very successful 5-year run, Dr. Drew’s show would cease to exist as of Sept. 22.
Big Brother will tolerate no deviation from the script.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.