Still Report #1137 – Trump Surges in PA; Clinton Pulls Adds

from Bill Still

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Trump.
Donald Trump is surging in the key battleground state of Pennsylvania to the point that the Clinton campaign may have given up and pulled all their ads.
A week ago, Tweeter Thomas Paine said Clinton’s internal polls were going so positive for Trump in PA, that team Clinton, and even her PACS had given up on PA and pulled all ads.
Now, this early-warning tweet is being confirmed. According to a new poll by CBS News 8 in San Diego, Trump now leads Clinton by +5 points. Last night Thomas Paine, tweeted the story and the link, but by this morning, when we tried to access the site, we got this message.
Luckily, Google had cached the story summary:
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.