Still Report #1121 – Poltergeist Levitated Pet Dog Say Scottish Police

from Bill Still

lass=”” >Good evening, I’m still reporting on Poltergeists.
I’ve never, ever done a ghost story before, but this one is just too confirmed to let slide.
On the evening of August 8, and lasting into the morning of August 9th, Scottish police in Glasgow were called to the home of a woman and her son who had a severe poltergeist problem.
Upon arrival, the police saw the family Chichuahua levitating and clothes flying across rooms.
One source interviewed by the Express – a British paper – said:
“These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers. Incidents that are not easily explained.
“But officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this.
“It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round.”
Another insider said;
“The officers witnessed the lights going off, clothes flying across the room and the dog sitting on top of the hedge.”
The woman and son have fled the home in the South Lanarkshire area, and have not been named.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.