Louis Navellier & Chris Waltzek on GoldSeek Radio – August 23, 2016

by Chris Waltzek
GoldSeek Radio

Arguably the most accurate financial prognosticator in the field, Louis Navellier of Navellier & Associates, returns with bullish comments for equities investors. The US stock market has entered “Meltup” mode, which echoes the sentiments of recent guest and fellow market expert, Ralph Acampora. Due to record corporate bond issuance, companies are buying back their shares at a record clip, reducing supply / increasing demand sending prices soaring. Plus, the Presidential election cycle could improve the outlook for US equities. Our guest advocates a solid gold component in every portfolio, to maximize the the diversification ‘free lunch,” benefits via improved expected return / lowered volatility. Mr. Navellier promotes his favorite gold stock, Harmony Gold (HMY), as an ideal candidate after the current short-term correction passes, in coming weeks / months.

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