It’s Time to Stop Tying up Uber in Red Tape

TfL’s rules appear to be rooted in an attempt to curb its growth in the capital

by James Titcomb

What are the qualities you would associate with a good cab driver? The ability to get you safely from point A to point B in the minimum time possible would presumably be fairly high up the list. A comfortable car and the capacity to stay awake without the stereo being turned up to 11 would also be a bonus.

How about being able to write a 130-word essay on river pollution? Or answer questions about keeping fit? No? Well from October, anybody who wants a minicab licence in London will have to be able to do just that.

The standard B1 test (the questions above were taken from sample exams) is designed to show proficiency in written English at a level defined as the ability to “write short, simple essays on topics of interest” and “read straightforward factual texts on subjects related to his or her field”.

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