Great Myths and Election Entertainment

by Bill Bonner
Acting Man


OUZILLY, France – Poor Donald Trump. He has had to apologize for hurt feelings. He has had to reshuffle his campaign team. He has been kicked so often by the press that he is starting to hide behind chairs, like a university president. Here at the Diary, we favor lost causes, diehards, and underdogs. “The Donald” may soon qualify on all three counts.

[…] We will return to the Big Top in a moment… and elaborate on why this year’s presidential election is really a “Clash of Myths.” Meanwhile, nothing much to report from the markets.

Nothing much to report from Ouzilly, either. The last of the family leaves this weekend. Then we will be empty-nesters again. Like parents everywhere, we wonder how much to interfere in the lives of our young adult children.

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